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Nutritional Myths and Facts I Believe to be True

Eating Raw eggs  will make you sick.

Quite the contrary!
Applying high heat to most protein foods including eggs destroys their nutritional value.  The protein and fat in eggs are altered and actually change their chemical shape when cooked.

Organic or at least free range eggs from a known quality source are the perfect addition to an optimal diet plan.  The “Retro-Raw” diet strongly advises eating such eggs raw as they are one of the most easy to digest, complete protein sources…..not to mention they are a great boost to your immune system.


“What is food to one man, may be poison to another”
My belief is that there is no one way of eating that is best for everyone.  We are all individuals with unique nutritional needs and demands.



Agave nectar is a Good Natural and raw alternative to cane sugar and even honey.


Agave has more concentrated fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup!  It is 90% fructose and is highly processed regardless of what the labeling might say. This is more fructose then high fructose corn syrup!
Read up in this  recent article by Sally Fallon 

Raw Honey has been around for thousands of years and has countless nutritional and medicinal benefits.  Enjoy it on a daily basis!!

Exercise Myth #1

Exercise Myth:
“Stay away from lifting weights or strength training if you want to loose weight.”

I cannot Tell you how many women in particular have said to me “I do not want to lift weights because it will make me bulky”
This absolutely is incorrect”.

Strength training along with cardiovascular is very important to maintain or improve muscle mass (density) and increase metabolism which burns fat.

Strength training is a very important aspect of a balanced exercise program and lifestyle which in combination with the recommended “Retro-Raw” diet, will result in a strong, fit, lean, energized sexy bod that can carry you and perform for you for a long healthy life.

Exercise Benefit Facts!

A life style which includes regular exercise can help you control weight whether it be lose unwanted weight, gain needed muscle, or maintain your healthy weight.

Exercise also not only improves your psychological “mood’ and well being and Boosts your energy levels, but helps you to combat countless physical health conditions including but not limited to stroke, cancers, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Exercise promotes overall better sleep….from falling to sleep and staying in a deeper sleep.

Exercise can be and IS FUN!! 
Everyone can use more FUN in their daily lives! Exercise with a trainer or a friend.  Keep it interesting, new and have Fun all while accomplishing fitness goals and becoming more and more Healthy!

One last thing for now…….EXERCISE Definitely puts a big flame back in your Sex life!!!    For even a Bigger Spark, try exercising WITH your mate and try some of the “couples exercises”  demonstrated and taught by Coach Kieba and Kumu Steve here at Body Temple Boot Camp!