BodyTemple Boot Camp

We are on the Eastern tip of Big Island of Hawaii, 5 miles from the village of Pahoa and 4 miles from the Ocean. We are a short drive to surfing, geo-thermal warm springs, tide pools, snorkeling, kayaking, natural underground saunas, hiking and Kahena, black sand beach, Water Falls, the volcano and crater hikes, and much more.image

Invest in yourself. Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Invest in your LIFE

  1. Lose or Gain weight the healthy way
  2. Reduce Body fat
  3. Increase in Lean Muscle Tissue
  4. Increase in Cardio-Respiratory and Cardio-Pulmonary Efficiency
  5. Increase in Strength-Endurance
  6. Decrease in recovery time between bouts of strenuous activity
  7. Increase in Range of Motion of your joints and flexibility of your muscles
  8. Nourish your Body with Retro-Raw meals of your choice and what feels and works Best for You (Vegan or Paleo/Primal)
  9. Detox from built up “dis-ease” causing toxins in your system

Strength training and gaining strength physically is not just about gaining a strong body. The real strength comes when this strength naturally carries over into the other aspects or arenas of your being and your life. You will become stronger mentally and Spiritually which will allow you to live your life more “aggressively”

“Be Pro-Active and not Reactive in Life. Live “aggressively” and gain strength.”

Types of workouts and training offered and taught:

  1. Regular strength training using free weights and gym equipment
  2. Cross training mixing in cardio equipment
  3. Kettlebell style training
  4. Express workouts (30 min. total body training )
  5. Raw gym workouts done in Nature with Natural moves and objects of Nature (our jungle obstacle, ninja style course, climbing wall, stair running and more)
  6. Daily swimming in local Olympic pool and/ocean swimming
  7. Private yoga instruction
All inclusive jungle gym

All inclusive jungle gym


I Believe I Can Fly

The BTBC is a private or semi private camp to Rejuvenate, Replenish, and Re Learn your Body/Mind. We can Empower you to become even MORE Extra Ordinary then you already are. You will learn to Eat to be Elite in every aspect, take Amazing adventures and have extreme experiences of all kinds.

Come and begin your Journey…..Your unique transformation towards Optimal health: Body, Mind, and Spirit

This is not just a physical boot camp. More importantly, it is a Learning Camp or Retreat which will enhance your total being. You WILL go through a metamorphosis within your body, mind, and Spirit as you learn not only much about this land, harvesting, preparing foods, exercises, etc…, but also about your Power within…..your power to ask and be given virtually ANYTHING. You will Learn about YOU and the Beauty of Your Life….to live it with Passion every moment!

In coming to our camp/retreat you will gain Wealth and become Rich. Everything starts from within. When you are Wealthy and Rich on the inside, this will shine through out and onto others. You will attract many to you this way and gain wealth externally.

In Summary….this is important so please read:

Body Temple Boot Camp Basics
Handholds for an Extraordinary Life

The Body Temple Boot Camp Basics are your road map to exceptional healthy living. We believe that every person holds tremendous unexplored and unexpressed potential to be strong and live a long, vibrant life. Properly equipped, each of us can live abundantly and fully experience the richness of each day. With rich, sustained vitality we can confidently throw ourselves into exciting challenges, explore fresh experiences as routine, and dedicate our talents and creativity to contributing to others. And perhaps even more importantly, when we live in this manner we become an inspiration and motivation to others.

Your climb to an extraordinary life starts here. Begin New Now! Based on years of research and experience with hundreds of clients, the foundational elements for vitality and long life – or what you learn to appreciate as “Handholds for an Extraordinary Life” follow.

Implement them one at a time or in any combination and you will begin to see and feel immediate results.

  1. Super-Nutrition. All food is not the same, and “diets” are for people with only short term motivation for cosmetic, temporary results. Super-Nutrition fuels your body with healthy, natural, organic mostly raw (live) food while thoughtfully planning the timing, quantity and balance of every meal. We have been convinced of many untruths about the virtues of “fast food” and “microwave nutrition” – only to yield generations riddled with obesity, disease and lethargy. Super-Nutrition destroys these myths and teaches that good food is not “too much trouble” or “doesn’t taste good”. And most importantly, Super-Nutrition equips your body with efficient, toxin-free, high-energy body function to support all the other Handholds, making a profound metabolic impact.
  2. Nutritional Catalysts. Nutritional Catalysts include good water and appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation and are the fuses that light the fire for Super-Nutrition (Handhold #1). Pure, filtered, quality water in adequate quantity will wash away waste products, energize cellular function and assure efficient metabolic processes. Meanwhile, a carefully selected and personalized nutritional supplement regime adds vital nutrients that are simply not available in adequate quantities in the food we consume. As well, a deliberate nutritional prescription can assist in slowing down and even reverse the symptoms of aging, balance essential hormone function, and assure proper digestion and detoxification.
  3. Positive Cardiovascular Stress. At Boot Camp, “stress” is positive! When it is carefully planned as a daily routine in the form of aerobic and aerobic tolerance (aka VO2 Max) exercise, cardiovascular stress boosts metabolism, helps maintain healthy weight and body composition, is a massive source of energy and vibrancy, and helps manage (negative) emotional and psychological stress. And most importantly, Positive Cardiovascular Stress is a critical and required Handhold for longevity and healthy aging.
  4. Positive Muscular Stress. Again, “stress” at Boot Camp is all positive. Routines and playful challenges that move our bodies through full ranges of motion, along with an emphasis on functional strength, develops balanced muscle tone and increases strength capacity. Positive Muscular Stress becomes the gateway for healthy joint function and mobility through life. Muscular development is also a centerpiece to metabolic efficiency, as well as maintaining healthy body composition; not to mention assuring that we look good in a swim suit!
  5. Rest, Recovery and Recreation. Welcome to the new “3 R’s”. A routine that includes ample, deep sleep is essential to supporting all the Handholds for an Extraordinary Life. Leave this one out, thinking you are heroically maximizing each day with 4 hours of sleep a night, and you will summarily halt all other efforts to live a long, healthy life. Also, often overlooked is rest that is not sleep. Reflection, meditation, prayer – even regular day dreaming – adds energy and focus while heading off burnout and depression. Finally – recreation and good, old fashioned fun is an essential component to a life fulfilled. Play is not just for kids – it is required for a long, inspired life!
  6. An Active Mind. Your Brain is more than just a big computer. It is the source of all things in life we manifest and experience – good or bad, positive or negative. Learning to control our internal and external sources of input while learning to proactively and productively invent, believe in, and act on goals and ambitions is an essential skill that can be mastered over time. With wise mentoring and a proven “guidebook” for how to exercise the extraordinarily important Mindset Muscle – there is literally no limit to the depth, vitality and richness of life.

So welcome to the Basics of The BTBC. Each interacts with the others to create a wonderful synergy. Study each, but integrate them all and you will soon be on your way to an Extraordinary Life.
[Adapted from a collaboration between Kieba and Kumu Steve.]

Camp Rules:

  • No Smoking, tobacco, alcohol or drugs of any sort
  • Must keep your living space clean and tidy
  • Laundry facilities in town, or pay $10.00 per week for use of ours

Come with an open mind, rawkin attitude with the readiness to work, play, experience the extraordinary, and accomplish your goals and perhaps your once believed unattainable!

Thank you kindly for abiding.