Dietary Definitions

About the Diet & Dietary Definitions

We make a big deal about diet and nutrition at Base Camp – so Campers (or prospective Campers) are justifiably curious (even skeptical) about what they are getting themselves in to.

With a smile, we patiently explain the principles behind our thinking on diet and nutrition. Then, once Campers arrive, we sit back and enjoy the zealous responses about how amazing eating healthy – and in this way – really is. They can’t believe:

  • How terrific meals taste
  • How filling each meal is
  • How much they enjoy snacks
  • How “clean” and healthy they feel after eating
  • How much more energy and endurance they have
  • How easy it is to prepare the meals and snacks

So what’s it all about? Following is a description of the diet and where it came from.

Different Philosophies – Different Definitions

For more years than we really know, differing philosophies on diet and eating approaches have been professed as “the secret” to optimum health. Some of the varieties most common in our culture today include:

Fruitarian – The consumption of only fruit, some nuts and seeds (mostly refers to tree baring items)

Primal Raw – Evangelized since the early 80’s by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, this diet consists of 99% living raw foods, mostly animal fats and proteins with a small percentage of vegetables, mainly juiced, and raw fruits

Raw – Living foods of all sources. Never heated over 115 degrees (thus retaining active, living nutrients) or even lower for many foods – also rarely freezing foods

Raw, non vegan – Living foods as above which include animal protein/meats and fats to some degree (raw never heated, free ranging and organic dairy, beef, fowl, fish, wild game, eggs, etc.)

Vegan – No animal products or bi-products whatsoever

Retro-Raw – This is the Base Camp diet originated in early 2000 by Coach Kieba – and perfected after much experimentation (since 1978) with all of the above eating programs. Retro-Raw is diet with ample amounts of meats and animal fats (low or no-heated free ranging beef, wild game, fowl and fish), organic raw dairy and eggs, abundant vegetables and fruits and a balance varying according to each person’s unique body chemistry and desires.

Why “Retro- Raw”?

The Paleo Diet, Primal Blueprint, and newly introduced Retro-Raw are all based on similar evolutionary science. These diets return us to eating as our ancestors did – in a time before agriculture and to what is much more natural for our physiology than the highly-prepared and processed food preparation methods modern technology no offers. These diet philosophies agree that our bodies simply aren’t “engineered” to metabolize food the way it is prepared – and in the combinations – most popular today; evidenced in our country’s obesity epidemic and alarming increase in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and an embarrassing array of unnecessary disease.

These diets recommend limited (or eliminated) carbohydrates; especially those that are processed and grain-based – and instead eating more animal protein, and loads of vegetables. Retro-Raw adds to this by encouraging those protein and vegetable sources to remain primarily in their natural raw state (70-80% of the time) retaining their optimal enzymatic, mineral, and vitamin levels.

And What Makes Retro Raw Better Than Similar Diets?

The Primal Raw diet encourages a 100% Raw diet mostly consisting of proteins, fats, raw dairy and very few carbs (mostly attained through fruits). This may be healthful in most cases, but not practical in the modern world; in fact, very difficult. This is also true of the 100% vegan raw diet (with its exception of limited fruit), not to mention its lack in essential nutrients necessary for optimal health. Both of these diets can be quite beneficial and healthy on short term basis, but not for every day living in this modern world. There are many documented stories (including Kieba’s) where a too-restrictive diet actually created debilitating results.

The Paleo does better but diet fears that saturated fats raise cholesterol and increase chances of heart disease. Recent science adequately refutes this – in spite of the well-publicized, FDA-approved approach to a (un)healthy American diet. The Primal Blueprint, Primal Raw, and Retro-Raw all thoughtfully promote that these fats are a critical source of nutrients for neurological functioning and other essential metabolic processes. The Paleo diet is rigidly strict with lean meats (with the exception of some butter, coconut oil and limited eggs for their saturated fat intake).

Let’s take a look at our real metabolic roots. Historically, research and science has revealed that early humans left virtually nothing behind after a large animal kill. They not only ate the lean muscle, but actually favored the rich organ meats, fat deposits, and bone marrow. Native American Indians had to do this to get enough calories, nutrients and energy to stay alive and keep warm for longer periods of time.

The Retro-Raw diet emphasizes eating only wild or natural/grass fed meats, free ranging, organic (and not grain-fed eggs), and raw cow or goat dairy. Fruit is encouraged in moderation, along with raw honey or stevia to satisfy our taste buds. Some food is heated or cooked on very low heat. Sprouting of certain grains may also be included on occasion for some people. All of these exceptions allow for more choices and variations in meal plans for its followers.

Primal Blueprint and Retro-Raw are the only “diet plans” that work as a broad, holistic approach to living life optimally and not just supplying a list of what to eat and not to eat. These diets are not simply short term “do-it-until-you-lose-weight” diets, but a lifestyle prescription for what it takes to live your optimal healthy life in these times… in this world.

In addition, the Retro-Raw eating plan strongly recommends a good sound supplementation regime. This is particularly important due to the stressors and toxins that bombard us daily in today’s world. Unfortunately, nutrients are not abundant enough – no matter how much broccoli one eats – and our air and water are contaminated regardless of filtering methods.

Finally, the Retro-Raw program is integrated – not separate from – a regular (daily) exercise routine that emphasizes natural movements. Proper and regular exercise not only enhances our strength and stamina, it aids in metabolic efficiency, stress management and – best of all – inarguably slow down or stops the symptoms of aging.

Each of us has a different chemistry, different taste buds and come from different cultures or areas of the world; and all are taken into consideration in the Retro-Raw plan. There are essentially no rules set in stone – only healthy guidelines based on good science and a very, very long metabolic history that resides in all of us.

The Retro-Raw eating plan is a result of over 30 plus years’ of self-experimentation, client experience and endless research, and results in a life program which can fit anyone’s needs and desires in a modern world.