What to Bring

Every Camper’s favorite question: “What should I bring?” Excitement is building because you know you’re about to get on an airplane and come join Coach Kieba and Kumu Steve in Hawaii!

Following is short list of the typical stuff. The bottom line is this: you are coming to a VERY casual place where what you wear is much less important than the smile on your face. You need a few basic self-care items, and equipment to play with of your choice and that’s about it. If you are an athlete participating in Lifetime Best Base Camp, you’ll need to pack a few more items – but your Coach will guide you.

Let’s start packin’!

  • Plenty of Enthusiasm, Passion and Desire
  • Loose fitting, light weight workout/exercise clothes (2-3 changes)
  • Casual shorts and shirts of any kind
  • Undees if you wear ’em
  • Hiking attire include 1 pair of long pants and a day pack
  • Backpack (30 liters or larger)
  • Swim suits, mask or snorkel gear, underwater camera
  • Towels, beach and bath
  • Sarong, beachwear
  • Beach bag
  • Toiletries
  • Sleepwear (“or not”)
  • Rain Jacket, poncho and/or umbrella
  • Broad-brimmed hat or ball cap
  • Beach/water shoes (you will get your feet wet)
  • Comfortable work out shoes
  • Sandals, Teva’s or flip flops (“slippers”)
  • 1 Warm outfit or sweat suit in case of chilly weather
  • Bug repellant, Sunscreen
  • Citronella candle or lamp
  • Flashlight and/or LED head lamp                                  
  • Notebook or journal and pens
  • Laptop (if you desire – free WiFi access)
  • Doctor release if requested

How much money? That depends on how much souvenir shopping you do. You might go out to dinner one night and there may be some extra activities you need to plan for. You might want to add a massage or two after you experience what we already include. But otherwise, you won’t be buying food here, tipping a valet or maid, or paying a cover charge to get in anywhere.

Concert of coqui frogs: free
Imax of the starlit nights: free
Admission to underwater wonders: free
Fresh, clean air: you will want to pay for this, but it’s free too

If you have any questions or wonder what any particular item is for…just ask!

call or text 808-443-4052