Custom Programs

Custom-Designed Backpacking/Camping
Another Organic, Raw Island Adventure

 As part of your Boot Camp, we can design a custom backpacking and camping trip to your desires.

 You choose the duration and destination – we design the adventure!

 Choose an excursion of your choice.  Options include:

  • A journey through the origins and awesome history of  how the “island became an island” as you travel through a volcanic crater and experience stark beauty, an amazing view of the curvature of the earth across the ocean, and a spirit-filled rendezvous with a virgin, white-sand beach oasis on the ocean.
  • An incredible 3-5 day hike through lush rain forests and story-book forests to the famed original home of now-gone native Hawaiians – Waimanu Valley. Surrounded by cliffs and magical waterfalls, this experience is the ultimate adventure.  The hike is considered the most challenging among the many island options, but none rivals the destination.
  • Hike to the summit of the world’s tallest volcano (54,000 feet from it’s sub-ocean base) and discover the awesome magnitude of how this part of our planet was formed.  Experience an unforgettable journey to the top of the world and touch the stars.

 Avid outdoor survivalist Steve Dailey leads each excursion.  He is an avid hiker with years of backcountry backpacking and camping experience including helping to lead a climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

 If one of these ultimate adventures is in your selected itinerary, we will structure your Boot Camp experience to prepare you physically and mentally for the challenge.  You will enjoy optimal organic food both before and during your adventure. During the journey of choice, you will have ample time to engage Kumu Steve in discussions about aspirations, strategies to overcome life’s challenges…or whatever comes up.  When your journey is complete, one thing will be certain: it will be an experience of a lifetime.

 *Fees are determined based on destination and duration.








More Custom Camps such as those catered to “Body Building and Body Sculpting” and one for Swimmers of ALL levels wanting to take their swimming to the next level, will be offered…..keep checking back or better yet, make a suggestion!