Your Great 8 Program Resources

Welcome to Your Great 8 Optimum Fitness Program!

Download your Complete Great 8 Program Guide by clicking here!

Remember 1 week at a time!

Your Great 8 Program includes:

  • A complete shopping listso that you have the best nutritional sources to choose from!
  • Menus for 3 meals + 3 snacks for each of 8 full daysso that you have plenty of variety to choose from during your eight-week program!
  • 30+ delicious recipes for those menu items that may be unique to youso that you can learn how to intersect good nutrition with good taste!
  • Description of complete workouts for 8 full weeksso that you are building a hard, lean, attractive body!
  • 8 Full-length Videos, one for each workoutso that you can see how to do each exercise properly, and be inspired by Coach Kieba!

Coach Kieba recommends that for your greatest success, you:

  1. Bookmark this page so that you can come back to it every day during your 8 week journey!
  2. Read through the entire Great 8 Program Guide first
  3. Go shopping and REPLACE all the unhealthy foods currently in your pantry and fridge that do not meet the guidelines described in your Program Guide
  4. Make a written plan for your first week of meals so that you are not tempted to fall back into the “old standbys”
  5. Pick a date in the next week to start your exercise program (Very Important: do not do the “hokey-pokey” by starting then stopping. Once you start…Keep Going for a full 8 weeks!)
  6. And Most Important: HAVE FUN!
Email Coach Kieba at if you get stuck or have questions.

Welcome and Introduction

Workout Video #1 – Week 1

Workout Video #2 – Week 2

Workout Video #3 – Week 3

Workout Video #4 – Week 4

Workout Video #5 – Week 5

Workout Video #6 – Week 6

Workout Video #7 – Week 7

Workout Video #8 – Week 8