The Great 8 Program

Most so-called Fitness programs sold in the marketplace today are incomplete!  Some address a magical exercise program, some promote a wondrous and fancy piece of exercise equipment and some claim the latest miracle diet.

But the Great 8 Optimum Fitness Program is DIFFERENT!

We have carefully crafted a complete program that addresses BOTH diet and exercise – but we didn’t stop there.  We also included:

  • A complete shopping list – so that you have the best nutritional sources to choose from!
  • Menus for 3 meals + 3 snacks for each of 8 full days – so that you have plenty of variety to choose from during your eight-week program!
  • 30+ delicious recipes for those menu items that may be unique to you – so that you can learn how to intersect good nutrition with good taste!
  • Description of complete workouts for 8 full weeks – so that you are building a hard, lean, attractive body!
  • 8 Full-length Videos, one for each workout – so that you can see how to do each exercise properly, and be inspired by Coach Kieba!
So The Great 8 Program equips you for success in every area that counts for optimum fitness….but there’s ALSO a Secret Weapon:


Invite Nationally recognized fitness trainer, Coach Kieba, to guide you through an 8-week journey to the best you’ve ever been!

The investment is very small ($28 for all the resources mentioned above) but the pay-off is enormous!!!

Get Your Journey to a New You Started Today!

The Great 8 for only $28!