My Favorite Links AND Products I Like!


These Noodles are Awesome! No carbs-No calories and Great in any raw recipe! I call them “Naked Noodles”  Eat these over regular pasta and you too will look and feel better Naked!       Miracle Noodle

For some Awesome “SuperFood” such as organic Cacao/CHOCOLATE, Goji Berries and WAY more….check this out


For Paleo products and more:
Click Here!

I Love these products by E3Live. Living organic nutrients for you and your Pet’s
optimal health!


This place has Awesome  stuff….unique and custom jewelry, shirts, hats and more….for the Kick Ass Warrior is all of us!  Click the picture!

Organic,Grass Fed Dairy, meats, seafood and more
Truly raw, never frozen organic, grass fed meats

Carol Alt
Carol and Kieba did an radio interview together discussing the benefits of raw, organic foods, in particular the grass fed, natural meats and dairy.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, We Want To Live Primal Diet Book.
Raw Foods For Healthy Living

Ohia House Bed & Breakfast
Our first choice for couples attending Body Temple Boot Camp

Flex Rt Clinical Fitness Blog
Great blog area with the Primal diet/lifestyle Guru in Australia

Hoppers Hippie Art

Big Island Retreats

 Nomadic State of Mind

Primal Blue Print – Mark Sisson, author

The Weston A. Price Foundation
For Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts

Transcending outdated dogmas

Way to the Way
for a lesson in poetry writing for health and healing…and more

Daniel Vitalis

Author of award winning beautiful Haiku books
This is my blender of choice used in most of my recipes

Simple Smart Kitchen

Underground Wellness

Big Island Hawaii Vacation Homes