Retro-Raw Recipes (a new one every week)

Chocolate Avocado Pudding:live streaming movie A Cure for Wellness 2017

1 med.-large ripe avocado
enough water, raw milk or cream, or coconut cream to spin blade
2 Tb. raw honey or for preferred added sweetness
2 Tb. raw cacao powder
tsp. organic cinnamon

Opt. ad big slice organic papaya
if you want to use chocolate stevia that is good…then use less cacao powder and less honey
If you would like more avocado pudding flavors, just ask!
Share some of your own TOO!  


Kieba’s Fitness Flip:

1/3 C. Mineral water
1/2 C. Raw milk (cow or goat)
1-3  Raw free range eggs (the amt. is your choice)
1 Tbl. Raw honey
1 tsp organic vanilla powder or extract
cinnamon to taste or optional
I like to ad some ice to make slushy

note:  you can make most any flavor….try using mesquite powder or cacao, carob or maca.  Also liquid flavored stevia is great!watch full film Get Out 2017

Raw Liver Pate’
5 oz grass-fed beef or free range chicken liver
1/2 small red or maui onion chopped
2 cloves garlic minced or chopped
2 Tbls raw dairy cream
1 Tbls raw honey
2 mushrooms (opt.)
food process or puree’ up into silky  yummy energy producing pate’



  1. Mahalo nui Kieba! Your avo pudding makes eating healthy and avoiding sugar so much easier! I am a sugar addict and this pudding satisfies my VERY sweet tooth!

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