Deep gratitude, charismatic Kieba, for your wonderful hospitality.

Kieba, I consider you to be the most friendly, considerate and generous adventure guide and inspirational personal fitness coach on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Thank you for showing me the real Hawaii, by guiding me and encouraging me to explore the jungles and farms dripping with exotic tropical fruits. Thank you for showing me the snorkeling spots, organic farms & gardens, farmers markets, retreats, and local homes. You seem to be friends with every person we encountered on the island!

I also am so grateful for staying on site in your affordable cute cozy bungalow with rather outdoor shower and singing frogs. I loved working out outside in the warm December weather in your Jungle Gym amidst the native trees and wildlife! You enthusiastically yet gently getting me into better shape than ever, despite me being a rather lazy, client on vacation.
I think you should write an un-cook book for raw vegans. The daily concoctions you created for me we tantalizing, highly satisfying and novel. I will spread the word about your unique dried tropical fruit wraps, skins, crackers and trail mixes… including those freshly-harvested-by-you cacao, noni, mulberry, mango, coconut,papaya, flowers, jackfruit, durian, banana, Raw Honey and MORE… How can I order more?

Looking forward to joining your workouts at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona October 12th – 14th, 2007. If there is any vacancy remaining, I would love to book again for next year.

~ Happy Oasis, creator-producer

Working with Kieba was the greatest! How amazing to find such a gifted professional in the beautiful jungles of Puna. She worked me out stretching my body and mind and fed my soul with ambrosia fruits of the jungle. It was powerful adventure and heavenly renewal!”

Nancy McCaleb
Artistic Director, McCaleb Dance

“Kieba’s workout for me is a wonderful gift to myself! I have lost 13 pounds and a lot of inches. I feel strong and always loving Life!”


Dawn / Kieba was my first trainer who taught me the art of bodybuilding through strength training, posing and nutrition. She is a master at blending unique and innovative fitness/nutritional programs that successfully build and nourish her clients health. I highly recommend her to those who want to transform their body, mind, and spirit.

Nancy Brigham
Gold Medal Champion-Gay Games IV Sydney Australia 2002
Gold Medal Champion-World OutGames, Montreal Canada 2006


“The gain is worth the pain!
Thanks for the weight training help.
I’ll be back next time I’m on the island.”
Alonzo Davis, Bamboo Sculptor
Hyattsville, MD
MFA, Otis College of Art & Design
Former dean, Memphis College of Art

Kieba…I just wanted to let you know how fabulous all of the fruit leathers tasted. I loved all of your creative combinations and I was very impressed by the variety you sent. I know it takes a long time, and a lot of effort to make these. I think my favorite was the banana, coconut, mac nut…or anything with cacao…hmmm the wildflowers with berries and raw peanuts were pretty fabulous too. I loved them all! I look forward to ordering from you again.

Thanks again… Aloha, Mary Beth

“I love what you are doing and how you are doing it. The spirit you are sharing with people is a wonderful gift. You are my inspiration in many ways for I too seek to serve and create in similar aspects. People need places to go that guide them to be “practically” connected to spirit and to life. To get physically, mentally, and Spiritually Strong. You know what I mean?”


Thank you for being so caring and motivating! What a wonderful experience I had playing in the jungle, learning about nutrition and working out with you in the morning! Your raw meals were always a pleasure and I always looked forward to your next yummy and beautiful dish! I feel lighter and have a much healthier approach to life. I am motivated and energized!
THANK YOU, I am looking forward to my next trip to the Big Island to work with you again.

Sarah Holden
Professional Photographer

Thank you for teaching me the healthy & most effective way to lose body fat and restore my strength and high energy level.

With your guidance & expertise, I lost 20 pounds in 30 days, and I never felt hungry, in fact I often felt guilty eating your delicious chocolate & avocado puddings.

The daily workouts in your jungle gym were challenging yet you managed to make them fun and still very effective.
I have now learned different exercise programs which I can maintain at home.

Throughout my entire adult life, I’ve tried many different approaches to get my figure back. Typically I deprived myself to lose weight, and then quickly be disappointed when all the weight I lost returned plus many extra pounds.

I am Grateful,

Laurie Michael

P.S. I admire you Keiba, you are a perfect living example of “The Secret”.

“I can’t thank you enough, Kieba, for the priceless role you have played in my transformation. This boot camp is better described as an amazing adventure through every aspect of life. You exceeded all my expectations, and I’ve found a friend for life.

I only hope I can share your spirit with all those I encounter. I plan on annual trips in the future. The commemorative tattoo was a perfect ending to a life changing experience.”

Jen Montilla

July 15 – July 31, 2007
Lost 10 pounds of weight and gained an abundance of wealth.

Where do I start?
It’s been an amazing adventure over the past 3 weeks.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and achieved all of my short term goals I set when I first arrived.
Adventures, stress reduction, better eating, weight loss, AND Fun. This was the perfect time and the Perfect place.
Saun, Jack, Tyco, Leslie, Star, Parmeta, Zsults and Slinky (Ryan the helicopter pilot/teacher) were fantastic tour guides.
I highly recommend the massages, yoga class, helicopter flight school, sailing lessons, Captain Cook kayaking and snorkeling, shore line and night time spear fishing, scuba diving and the volcano hike.

The food was Fantastic (a whole new way of eating for me). Weight training, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, walks, stair training, and kayaking with your were all 1st class?….AND YOU…. I have trained with some phenomenal trainers, but none with your enthusiasm, knowledge, flexibility and experience. You ARE the Peaceful Warrior.

I will never forget the impact you have had on me. I’m going to miss you Greatly and look forward to our paths crossing again.”

Mark T. Executive
(22 pound weight loss and 16 inches lost in 21 days)

Kieba has helped me to transform my life back to a healthy, happy, athletic lifestyle. I have lost 35 lbs., gained muscle mass, in four months since working with Kieba. She is an inspiration, and terrific motivator, she makes working out a pleasure and I look forward to beginning a new day with her.
“I hope to marry her one day” (ha ha)


Dear Kieba

Where do I begin to describe how much you mean to me?
Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and treating me like a daughter.
This month has flown by and I have grown inwardly and shrunk outwardly…..so much. You will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Whatever success I have in the future, know that you had a huge role in it. I PROMISE to make you proud.
All of my love,

K ind
I ntelligent
E nergetic
B eautiful
A mazing

“The Retro-Raw Creator
she will make you smile when she enters a room
Her joy is contagious
her light you’ll consume
Hardships she’ll face
but anger subsides
Positive energy she transmits
Love Overrides
You can do it, she’ll say
when you’re in a rut
Elbows high, back straight
It’s good for your pencil butt
Intelligent, caring, wise
Athletic to the bone
there is nothing she can’t do
any skill she can hone
The mother I never had
the friend who gives stability
One who does not judge
she believes in your capability
Amazing chef, creative soul
Honest middleman, ingenious innovator
Trustworthy and forgiving
the Retro Raw Creator!”

Powerful Patti, the “well, Ok girl”

This is what a achieved with Kieba in one week. I lost 8 lbs. and 6 inches. I gained strength, endurance and flexibility, and a healthy glow. This was because of the combination of working out and eating the delicious retro raw meals. I was never hungry and had lots of energy. What I liked best was I didn’t have to make any decisions. I just ate what Kieba gave me. Kieba gives you one on one personal attention and encourages you while you work out. If your goal is to get healthy, go see Kieba….

Aloha, Patti

Loss of over 16 lbs and over 12 inches.

I can’t believe how quickly my fitness and strength level improved, and I quickly went from dreading each training session, to looking forward to what Kieba had in store for me. Every day was a new adventure. I went to see the Volcano’s, lava tubes and a wonderful winery with Taeko, a dream interpreter with a wealth of knowledge and some wicked stories… I went diving in Hilo and saw dozens of beautiful turtles amongst other amazing creatures. Ah, ECSTATIC DANCE, one of the most incredible dance experiences I’ve ever had, one of the most awesome experiences of my life- thank you smiling Linda(“,) I felt like I had journeyed to the centre of the earth when Gia- Rose, my beautiful house mate and dancing queen, took me to a steam bath, steaming with the power of the volcano. On every morning walk, I was surrounded by beautiful trees and breath taking views of the ocean, and once a week, would walk to the most incredible yoga class, up in the trees-thank you Hayward for teaching me how to BREATH 🙂 This is obviously just to name a few of my super experiences!

The people I met and befriended are all such great characters and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I had cheerleaders (posing as life guards) at the pool, who would check out my improvement every swim, and if the pool happened to be closed, Kieba would take me to the gorgeous tide pools. Buddha Mozo jumped into a few training sessions, full of stories and a contagious laugh! Everyone was just wonderful!

So THANK YOU so so much Kiebs. You are heaven sent, such a motivator and so patient, generous, kind and supportive, and I had such a good laugh with you. Your chef skills are incredible- yay for “sweet meals”-haha. My skin and eyes glowed with happiness and health from all the nourishing and amazing food and smoothies, all the weird and wonderful fruit, and all the fun, yet challenging exercise. I hope to pay you an annual visit, and reconnect with the inspiring environment that is “Kieba’s Place”. Miss you and love and respect you always (“,)

Love, Michaela xxx

I lost over 10 pounds with Kieba and continued to lose an additional 20 from what I learned at camp!

Hawaii was beautiful and Kieba was amazing, not only did my body change but so did my whole perspective on life! I am a strong goddess now!

I loved the daily routine and was happy that I always had something to look forward too. I also got to enjoy many secret spots of Hawaii that only the locals know about!
Kieba was is a true Divine Mother, she will kick your butt all the way to liberation!

You will obtain your goals at Kieba’s boot camp!

Santa Monica Ca

Kieba has made it her life goal to understand peak physical and nutritional performance for the body; coupled with a stunning natural environment of lush tropical forest, the ‘boot’ camp Kieba designed for me was more of a re ‘boot’. With delicious raw meals, a physical exercise regimen and full immersion into the island lifestyle, the 6 days I spent there was utterly rejuvenating and refreshing. The network of people Kieba knows provided ample interesting excursions outside of the mass transit tours and provided me with a real look at living on the East side of Hawaii.

Oct. 2008

Thank you Kieba, for sparking my awareness, for sharing your truths, and for re-affirming my commitment to the ‘Raw Exercise’ lifestyle. You helped me to make contacts that will reshape my life, and for those opportunities I remain eternally grateful.

Aajonus and Scott

You possess an endearing quality which will forever remain an irreplaceable value to me. My two weeks shared with you were a rich and rewarding experience, but not a once in a lifetime one, as I intend to relive the experience many times over, each time moving closer towards my ultimate goal of optimal health, fitness and happiness.With your perfect thriving jungle setting, and your understanding of the laws of nature, may you continue to assist many more boot campers through their healing transitions towards optimal living, just as you have done for me. Thanks Mate!!

Scott Wheeler- Certified Fitness Clinician (I.A.R.T)
Flex Rx Clinical Fitness-AUSTRALIA

“Kieba was a great coach on many levels. She has years of expertise in the body building and nutrition fields. Her cooking was wonderful, I found myself digging into the nightly meals with gusto, even though they were composed of raw food items I had never tried before. I especially enjoyed the juices and the “flips”, the egg shakes, which were provided for continual re-nourishment during a very active day of walking/yoga/swimming and biking.

Adelaide - Taken at Island Naturals for our organic produce

Kieba was also a gracious host and made sure that I had a chance to enjoy the local community and see some of the sights of the island. I had the great luck of going kayaking with Shaun, who showed me Captain Cook Bay where we saw many fish as well as some spinner dolphins showing off their tricks. Some mornings, I had a chance to enjoy Yoga Paradise right down the street. I also enjoyed the afternoons in Pahoa, we went to the farmer’s market as well as the local stores to get some goodies. All in all, it was a great break at an appropriate level of intensity that set me back on course for the New Year. I hope to take advantage of all the good advice that Kieba has packed into her books — the recipes were truly delicious.”


Kiebas Body Temple Boot Camp has got me back on track since my weight gain from menopause. My good organic, whole foods diet of 35 years needed some changes and I needed to step up my exercise from just walking 2 to 4 miles a day.
Kieba helped me focus on an hour of weight training that immediately began taking the inches off, increasing muscle mass that revs up our metabolism to help us loose weight and tone our bodies. Along with this daily workout I would walk 2 miles, swim 1 mile, and usually got in an afternoon bicycle ride of 8 to 10 miles, including 100 abdominal crunches with an exercise ball before bed.

The next step was to create further nourishment through a raw food diet that included raw fats and raw meat, which provides us with all the beneficial nutrients of the food and the vital enzymes to help us with digestion and burn calories. My day always started with a glass of vegetable juice made from fresh veggies with emphasis on particular ones found in her juice for life recipe in the Retro Raw book. All the nutrients are absorbed in our system on an empty stomach, this is the best way to start our day.

After my walk and workout, I would have Kieba’s yummy fitness flip that contained raw eggs and milk, yogurt or kefir, from alive enzyme rich unpasteurized milk, that fully nourished my body, along with tropical fruits and berries and raw honey, etc. During the rest of the day i would eat avocado, papaya, raw ahi(tuna), raw milk cheese, green salads and lots of coconuts in various forms, water, meat, creme or oil. Coconut binds with toxins in our bodies and moves them out.
I always had a lot of energy from the raw food diet which helped me perform all that exercise leaving me pleasantly tired at bedtime for a good nights sleep. There are lots of fun recipes in Kieba’s Retro Raw book, one of my favorites is the lava flow burger with raw grass fed free rage bison or beef.

The biggest insight for me was to discover and realize through my readings of Kieba’s friend and nutrition guru, Aajonus, that I began to piece together a connection of his lubrication formula to our changing bodies as menopausal women. He says that most bodies are so starved for healthy raw fat that when we take in this good fat our organs, blood, glands, nervous system consume it. Our lymph, bones, joints, connective tissues and skin continue to starve and shrivel with dryness, unless we feed it enough good organic fats, like butter and coconut cream.

I believe that as menopausal women we experience this even more and I feel because I wasn’t lubricating my internal body enough, my body worked harder, it was starved for healthy fat, it wanted more fuel and I fueled my body with more food, larger portions, instead of good fats and gained my extra pounds.

Being in the tropical jungle of the Puna district of the Big Island was a wonderful environment for me to get a jump start on regaining my beautiful toned body. Now that I am back in Montana with the beginnings of spring, I am still able to walk and bike and create a workout at time with free weights, exercise ball and resistance bands, using all the exercise Keiba taught me every morning in her outdoor jungle gym.

My weight loss and inches is slow and steady, but gone for good, as i continue to incorporate the raw diet along with about 15% cooked simple foods. All women should treat themselves to an island adventure at Kieba’s Body Temple Boot Camp, she’ll keep you motivated and educate you on a food plan for life.   
Judith Greyflower, 59 years, mountain woman extra!!

Thank you Keiba for a wonderful stay in your jungle paradise! We really were able to relax and forget the rest of the world. We are all feeling cleansed, healthy and string after two weeks of raw food and training. I especially enjoyed the weight training in the Jungle Gym and I am so pleased with my new toned body! We very much appreciated your efforts to please 3 very different people with different goals. We also loved seeing Hawaii not as tourists, but more like residents and we would love to visit again for a recharge.  

Amy, David and Sky
Body Temple Boot Camp’s First Family Campers

Rochelle, Nancy, and the girls

My two daughters, 10 and 13 as well as my mother and I had the wonderful chance to experience Kieba’s Retro Raw boot camp. Although I have been working out with a personal trainer for the past several years her fresh aprroach to diet and exercise changed my body, spirit, and mind. My kids have never been more excited about exercise and want to eat raw always!!! Her recipes are divine too!!! We love you Kieba and wish we could have you everyday!

Rochelle continues to train with me today on the Kamaina program

I had no idea what i was in for but felt an immediate connection with you from the start. Everything about your retreat has been great, from the workouts, to the food. It’s all good, well… except maybe for the mosquitoes. ha ha You have inspired me in a way that’s hard to express in words. You are the best. Those six days got me back on track and hopefully i can keep up an exercise routine regularly. Thank you so much for having me at your retreat.

In peace, Diane Marshall age 57

P.S. And yes I miss the chickens.

8 yr old Eden: Kieba’s Camp is Better then Waikaloa Village
6 yr old Raffy: Kieba’s Camp is FUN
Parents: Nichole Fall and Mark Bailey

“Our week with Kieba has reinforced the importance of eating healthy and working out, two essential areas that get forgotten or lost in priority in our usual stressful daily routines.

Kieba answered our many questions about diet, nutrition and exercise helpfully and never preached.
Her body and positive attitude is proof enough that her Retro Raw diet and exercise routines Work.
I would recommend Kieba’s Body Temple Boot Camp to anyone and really hope we can come back again for another week soon.”

My soul sister Kieba,
I am so glad to have found you and your Body Temple Boot camp by googling! My week with you was every bit more than I have expected, it was a perfect hide away, ideal volume of training, new experience and learning of eating raw + fresh food, and lots of adventures which was a fantastic introduction to the beauty of the Big Island.

Even thought the length of time was fairly short, I did gain a definition in some parts of my muscle, lost few pounds and moreover, felt extremely “light” and “refreshed” on the last day.

If it wasn’t with you, I don’t think I had enjoyed the trip as fully as I did. I will treasure all the experience and all the wellness tips I learned from you.

The tide pool, trip to Mana Kea with Sean, drive up to the beach, frogs lullaby every night and the farmers visit…
I can’t help but miss every element of the stay!! I will definitely come back Kieba!

Till then, I hope you have a wonderful time, and keep in touch!!
Lots of love and ARIGATO—–!!!

Ayako Tomita

One of the Best weeks of my life, Kieba has got a wonderful program going here on the Big Island.

She is a sincere and passionate person and has so many friends I lost count, but truly enjoyed meeting as many as I could. I was able to totally relax and put myself in her capable hands. Even though she kicked my butt good in the gym, it was a “good” type of exhaustion. Every afternoon was full of activities and sight seeing which was very enjoyable. If you are wondering about the food….wonder no more. Kiebashould put professional chef on her resume’. She opened my eyes and taught me that “healthy” or “raw” can also be delicious and beautiful.

I Highly recommend a stay at the Body Temple Boot Camp. Thank you Kieba for believing in me and helping me to start a new and better life.

Thank you for being my Friend.
Kent Napper

Kieba is a beautiful person with an amazing heart. My time with her has been Wonderful.

The Body Temple Boot Camp and Retro Raw diet and life style create the optimal environment to attain your desired health goals.

Kieba fits the program to your goals so well that positive results will come easily, naturally, quickly and Enjoyably.

Sara .G. age 25 1/2 Feb. 2010

Boot camper Sara with Paddle Board instructor Mark.


Body Temple Boot Camp Rocks! I escaped the rat race for the stunning Jungles of Hawaii for 10 days– And discovered the best raw camp for the body, mind and spirit!

Aileen and Kumu Steve at Tribal Council

My two coaches Steve & Kieba kicked my @ss in boot camp and helped me to accomplish limits that were unimaginable to me – Such as, learning how to swim properly and completely eliminating the embedded fear of drowning that I adopted as a young child – this was a huge and unexpected accomplishment for me.

Every day was a new adventure in the jungle and never a dull moment – when we weren’t pumping iron, biking, swimming, hiking or doing calisthenics – we were sightseeing, “chillaxing”, and having life changing conversations.

I want to take this opportunity to thank both of my coaches Steve & Kieba for providing an unforgettable and life changing experience. Also, I want to thank them for nurturing me with delightful organic raw goodness and for caring for me with safe and clean accommodations. As a woman traveling solo all this was of high importance to me and they delivered exactly what they said they would – and then some.

I returned back to the rat race 12 pounds lighter and with a glowing complexion – but more importantly, with a sense of tranquility and clarity of what matters most in life.

Why not make your next vacation be all about you and your health – you deserve it! I highly recommend Body Temple Boot Camp to anyone and everyone. I certainly will be returning back for round #2. : )

In pursuit to good health and wisdom,

– A. Cancino
San Francisco, California

Brad and Dana came as a Couple to celebrate their wedding anniversary having
a vacation/retreat spent at “Boot Camp” for their Body, Mind, Spirit’s and for their Relationship Renewal.

“Best. Boot. Camp. Ever. Wow, Kieba! Daniel and I are so very grateful for your knowledge, hospitality and commitment to all things healthy, healing and delicious! Your meals were amazing, it is completely true that we were never once hungry, and it seemed that all our nutritional needs were meticulously planned out to support our daily goals. I am really impressed, especially being a foodie from San Francisco AND a culinary student! Your food and nutrition dedication is inspiring.
As far as everything else, you know, Daniel said it best at Tribal Council: both you and Steve are amazing people who truly “served” us with a genuine desire to instill strength, motivation and success into every aspect of our lives. You guys are a powerful force. You have inspired us, supported us, and completely changed our mindset!
Mahalo! We look forward to spending time with you guys in the future….and heck ya! Let’s plan on that bike ride in the south of France!”

Gillian and Daniel                         July, 2012

“Having had the good fortune to spend two months with Steve and Kieba at Body Temple Boot Camp, I’ve certainly got some perspective on the efficacy of their training methodologies.  My take?  Powerfully effective.  The combination of literally world-class, one-on-one coaching in swimming, functional movement, mindset and business training, and Retro-Raw nutrition synergize to create results you’re simply not going to get anywhere else.
I’ve also got some perspective on the personalities behind the program, the unique power couple of Steve and Kieba themselves.  My take?  Powerfully inspiring.  They can’t help it; it’s how they live, and it just exudes from them, showing up in their can-do-anything attitudes, passion for life, and bodies athletic at an age when most folks have cashed in their chips a decade or two prior.  If you don’t want any of that to rub off on you, don’t bother coming, because believe me, it’s going to.
All said, my time at BTBC gave me all of that, and something even more important:  a deep knowing that as I get older, I can   get better.  Nothing teaches like example, and that’s precisely the example that they’re setting.  The years will continue to go by anyway – why not make a change that will make you look forward to it?!”
Lucas Stevenson            August, 2012
Body Temple Boot Camp is incredible!  Keiba & Steve worked together tirelessly to create a foundational life changing experience for me.  Between Keiba’s delicious, mind-blowing meals & Steve’s relentless training, I can honestly say I was transformed in the month that I worked with them.  Their one on one attention kept me positive & motivated throughout the whole process & I found myself stronger, more present & more capable of anything than I ever have been in my life.  This has been one of the most important processes I have ever put myself through & I cannot recommend it enough to anyone that wants to take their health & well being to the next level.
Darius Todar      2012