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Here’s Your Introduction to

The Great 8 Optimum Health and Fitness Program!!


  1. The Great 8 is an amazing way to make a healthy lifestyle change. Not just to loose weight and tone up the loose ends, but really change the way you live, eat, and treat you temple. So come join in on this fantastic adventure, coach kieba makes it easy and fun!

    • Awesome Steph! I am so happy you are on board with the Great 8! Please do continue to share your experiences along the way.
      Here is a Secret too for an even more speedy successful weight/fat loss: Ad an intermittent fasting aspect into the program and do at least 3 or 4 night a week with Nothing to eat or drink other then water/lemon or vinegar past 6pm. Nothing. Then the next morning after 6am. have your nutritious replenishing breakfast knowing that it is the most important meal of the day! Do this for at least 2 weeks and watch/feel the difference! Shock n Rawk On!!

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